Monday, February 27, 2012

La Carlota Pasalamat Festival Street Dancing Competition

Tribu Tres
Street dancing competition is one of the highlights in the last day of   La Carlota week-long Pasalamat festival.

This annual festival of La Carlota City commences on Monday of last week of April and culminates on Sunday.

The usual contestants of street dancing contest are the 14 barangay in La Carlota City, and some participation of interested non-government organizations participation.

Follows the video of Tribu TRES dancers displaying their best street dancing choreography during the La Carlota Pasalamat 2011 street dancing competition along the main thoroughfare of La Carlota City.

By the way, Gigi, our youngest daughter, is one of the dancers of Tribu Tres. I focused the video to her while dancing starting at 3:19 of video time till she moved forward with the group at the end.

Tribu Tres got the 2nd runner place in this street dancing competition.


  1. Actually sir I heard about this festival via a television plug and it is really nice :)

  2. congratulations to your daughter, sir. :)
    good job documenting the dance :)

  3. I love festivals! Isa siya sa mga enriching parts ng kultura ng Pinoy. Congrats to your daughter, Sir Gil! :)

  4. wow! first time to hear about this..and thanks for sharing sir GiL!

  5. Fiesta is not complete without the parade! Cool Video

  6. I just saw the Dinagyang dancers and I was in such awe ... this one is almost just as good ...

  7. Haha, reminds me of highschool days, pinapasali kasi kami sa ganyan dun sa probinsya, Sambuokan Festival. Anyway, I'm sure you're one proud father watching your youngest dance in front of the crowd :)

  8. i like the music and the dance in this festival. really a good way to show Pasasalamat! your daughter did a good job too and you for writing and videoing the dance! proud father huh!

  9. I haven't witness a street dance festival yet. Your daughter and the other participants are all good sir.:)


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