Friday, September 30, 2016

Bacolod DYA Rescue in Action

Accident may happen when you least expect it. It may be due to personal carelessness or negligence or due to mechanical fault or malfunction of a machine. In time like that, the victim becomes helpless and immovable unless there are persons who apt to give assistance or give the first aid before the medical assistance arrives.

Road accident victim rescued by DYA Rescue Team, Bacolod
Recently I personally witnessed how a road mishap victim was rescued by DYA group of volunteers in Bacolod, Philippines. The vehicular accident was between a motorcyle rider and a van. I didn't see actually how did the accident happen but I just took footage of the DYA did the rescue job in taking care of the victim and transporting him to the nearest hospital, Southern Bacolod General Hospital (SBGH).

This the first time I knew DYA. According to,, DYA (Detente Y Ayuda) is a nonprofit organization and it is founded in 1966 in Bilbao (Vizcaya) by Dr. Juan Antonio Usparitza Lecumberri. It has a comprehensive emergency management to equip their volunteer-members to do the rescue job on roadside assistance. It is currently operating in Spain and on the island of Negros and Panay (Philippines).

Using my mobile phone, I took the footage on how the Bacolod DYA Rescue Team did an exemplary rescue job in the fateful day of September 30 past noon. No wonder DYA has received various recognition, awards, and honors for their humanity rescue, care activities. DYA is ever ready to response in case an emergency arises. I was impressed and saluted the Bacolod Rescue Group of DYA for their well-done job in rescuing the motorist involved in a vehicular accident happened and in transporting him to the nearest hospital.

I would like also to recognize the assistance of unidentified person who protected the victim from the scorching heat of the noonday sun. He held an umbrella for several minutes to give cover the victim lying on the road until the rescuers arrived and transferred the victim to the ambulance, and brought him to the medical center.

DYA Rescue Operation Footage


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  1. They manage the patient at the scene of incident very poor. Poor head and neck immobilization, poor knowledge using on roled splint (SAM Splint) at the patient lower extremities. Hope they correct this kind of practice in the field of Pre-hospital care. Thank you for sharing this.


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