Friday, December 30, 2016

Mars Daniel Reenacts Rizal's Martyrdom

Small but terrible! This description fits this talented young boy, Mars Daniel   C. Kudemus who did a very impressive, humble reenactment of 120th death anniversary of Jose Rizal. Everyone has become emotional for such heroic, touchy presentation through the words, phrases and works of Rizal.

Daniel Mars is a consistent winners in various cultural contest and in scouting activities as far as poem or verse vocalization (Binalaybay) in Filipino, English and in Ilonggo. To name a few, he was the champion in Talumpati (impromptu) Elementary Category in the recent Nation of Heroes 4 Regional Youth Summit.

He is the son of Sir Marben Kudemus, a mathematics teacher of La Carlota Sotuh Elementary School and Mrs. Lorena Cabasag of La Carlota City.

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