Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Singing Doll

This was my first song written and composed for my high school sweetheart, Rebecca Demabildo in 1968.

"My Singing Doll"
Rebecca was a music lover. She had various popular songs copied in some of her notebooks. Being inspired as her boy friend, I wanted to write something for her.  Since I was also a music lover, follower of pop group singers like the Herman Hermits, Gary Lewis and the Peacemakers, The Beatles, The Bee Gees, among others, I did play the guitar.

Then as a music student, I wanted to put what I learned from our music teacher. I wanted to become a music writer, a song composer. Rebecca came to my mind. So, I took time to compose and write my first song for her.

And "My Singing Doll" came to being, which later rejected by one of our high music teachers as a recitative kind of musical composition. That was the first frustration, I had had in my life. But my sweetheart kept on inspiring me. She said, "I love the song you made for me."

Here's the song which I embed it in a video for others to hear and to listen. Remember this is an amateur song composition. I sing it as I play the acoustic guitar. Click to listen to the song.

"My Singing Doll"

Happy listening!

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