Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sir Aking, Stalwart in Local Scouting

The training team members of the Negros Occidental Council of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines paid a surprised visit to Sir Aking Torrefranca in his residence at Gan Subdivision, La Carlota City on the following day after they conducted the last camp fire to the late TTM Romeo Toda.

Sir Aking with his fellow Training Team members
Sir Aking with his fellow Training Team members
Sir Aking beamed upon seeing his fellow scouters in his humble home. Suffering from a stroke, he managed to welcome Sir Bert Maguad, Council Scout Executive; Sir Ben Fundador, Sir Allan Agraviador, Sir Antonio C. Biangco, and the four lady scouters, Mesdames Imelda Escobar, Lynne Brillo, Thelma Lamason Ortencio, and Charit Gangoso.

He moved by the aid of a cane. It was recalled that while he was giving a speech by proclaiming a school queen, he suddenly became unconscious and he was rushed to the hospital. At least he recovered but he couldn't perform his scouting routine anymore. In short, he was out for circulation as far as scouting activities are concerned. He just stayed at home, watching television.It seems nobody remember him anymore, but not his associates in the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Negros Occidental Council.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Scouting: 'Sense of Loyalty, Pride, Love of Country' - Cueva

In the last camp fire for the late scouter Romeo Toda held recently, Congressman Leo Rafael M. Cueva of Sagay City, BSP-Negros Occidental Council Treasurer gave a nationalist tribute for Sir Today's hope for a better society through scouting.

Cong. Cueva speaking
Cong. Cueva
"A sense of loyalty, a sense of pride, and love of country epitomizes the "one purpose" of scouting for the next generation, stressed Cueva.

He expressed how President Duterte's concern on scouting, that is to encourage and to activate scouting in every school to have a "stable generation" - a generation of citizenry that love their country.

He further said by influence our next generation to love their country is a giving a chance of our country to prosper. He qualified that a citizenry that never love their country - they're nothing. He believed that this is the missing link or weakness that the population never loof after their nation personally.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Will Beyonce Perform At Coachella?

With Beyonce's HUGE pregnancy shocker announcement this week, fans were concerned as to whether or not the 35 year old songstress would still be headlining the Coachella Music Festival in April in California. It has not been confirmed just how far along Bey is in her pregnancy, but fans are pretty sure that she will be nearing the end of her pregnancy by April, and therefore were not sure if she would still be clear to perform at that time.

Sources close to Beyonce's camp say that she was scheduled to make more than $1 million from the Coachella two night performance, and depending on how far along she is in her pregnancy and her high risk status, she might not be cleared to perform after all. Some entertainers, however, have special insurance policies that still ensure that they get paid in the event of “incapacity,” which could apply to Bey if she is deemed too high risk to perform.

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