Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Scouting: 'Sense of Loyalty, Pride, Love of Country' - Cueva

In the last camp fire for the late scouter Romeo Toda held recently, Congressman Leo Rafael M. Cueva of Sagay City, BSP-Negros Occidental Council Treasurer gave a nationalist tribute for Sir Today's hope for a better society through scouting.

Cong. Cueva speaking
Cong. Cueva
"A sense of loyalty, a sense of pride, and love of country epitomizes the "one purpose" of scouting for the next generation, stressed Cueva.

He expressed how President Duterte's concern on scouting, that is to encourage and to activate scouting in every school to have a "stable generation" - a generation of citizenry that love their country.

He further said by influence our next generation to love their country is a giving a chance of our country to prosper. He qualified that a citizenry that never love their country - they're nothing. He believed that this is the missing link or weakness that the population never loof after their nation personally.

For sir Toda, the congressman appreciated him for his attitude of "never stop supporting scouting" and on what scouting should do to the youth.

Followed is the 5-minute amateur video of Cong. Cueva's tribute to Sir Romeo Toda:

Congressman Leo Rafael M. Cueva giving message

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  1. I remember in my Elementary school days, only the select few are picked to do the actual scouting in the forest / scouting field. I can't blame the public school, It's out of their budget.

    1. Though it is voluntary in the public school to register the pupils to scouting, it is a must I should say. It is an effective way for character building of the pupils. Therefore, the school should be resourceful enough to source for funding.

  2. I never had the chance to participate in a scouting program back in school. Though I get what the congressman imparted about scouting, whilst making tribute to the late scouter.

  3. Scouting is a really good training for kids and it's nice they get to hear inspirational talks like this. This will definitely boost them in the future.

  4. Scouting is a great way to develop our youth today. I would have wanted to join the scouting back in my elemtary day, its just that I didnt had a chance.

  5. I only experienced scouting when I was in Highschool and we had an overnight camp inside the school only. Now my son's school require them all to be scouts.


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