Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Himig ng Katarungan (Sound of Freedom)

Bert Toto Causing Singing
Berteni Cataluña Causing,  known to friends in media as "Toto Causing" has composed this original song"Himig ng Katarungan" [Sound of freedom],  to convey his advocacy for all Filipinos to embrace "Hukuman ng Mamamayan" or Jury System.

He believes that this song is the only way for ordinary Filipinos to be encouraged to work well and decently. With this system of justice, the policemen amongst us will now be working well that they will no longer sell their arrests, no longer arrest without justification, no longer will extort, and will no longer worry that their higher officers will bully them and transfer them to "freezer" assignment (Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit) if they happen to be truthful to their works. Our ordinary staffers in every government offices will no longer be worried to perform their official functions that their bosses might fire them. Our decisions in court will be fair. Our prosecutors will now behave in accordance with "real" probable cause.

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