Sunday, January 18, 2015

After 30 Years I Play The Piano Again

by Gil Camporazo

Could it be an ordeal in party to play the piano instantly, without practice after 30 years of inactivity? Yes, it is for my reflexes don't work so well. I need more and more practice to perfect it. Anyway, I did. I played one Church hymn, "How Great Thou Art".

Gil Playing the Piano
Gil Playing the Piano
Self-Made Musician

I am a self-made musician as inspired by my late father, Hilarion.

The first musical stringed instrument that I was exposed to was a ukelele. It was broken due to inactivity. I was the only son in the our family who stayed with my parents. The rest of my siblings were married and had their own family. The ukelele was played by me without direction, until it was totally broken.

My interest in music began to develop when one of my elementary classmates brought a guitar to our school and started playing it. "How I wish I could play the guitar too," I mumbled.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Excited Playing Guitar Again After 35 Years

by Gil Camporazo

Getting excited to play the guitar again after more than 35 years of occasionally playing it in a certain occasion, in a cultural contest during my college days.

Gil strumming the guitar
Gil Strumming Guitar
Taking a time out after I ate my lunch in my office in our school, I was prompted of a desire to strum a guitar while I was watching from my cellphone the video of The Ventures in their 50th Year Anniversary live in Japan, which I downloaded from the YouTube.

I texted my male teacher, Sir Raffy P. Medes to lend me his acoustic guitar. By and by a grade six pupil arrived and he was carrying the guitar and handed it to me.

I strummed it and got to use myself some familiar tunes I used to play before in my college days and some folk music and songs like "Leron, Leron, Sinta", "Pamulinawen," "Bahay Kubo," "Dandansoy," among others.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sophie, Free as the Wind

by Gil Camporazo

A two-year old Sophie went along with us as we spent our family outing at the beach every year. Inday Sophie is our youngest daughter from An An's (Gynrey) three daughters.

The last time we brought Inday Sophie was last year 2014 at Las Olas Beach. She was 1 year old then at that time. She was too daring to get into the splashing sea water.

In her second exposure to the sea water was more enjoyable. I even named her as Sophie free as the wind for hyper. She explored the water by running to and fro. And we're surprised when she did something that made us amuse too much and laughed out loud. See it for yourself by clicking the attached amateur video I made from my handy phone.

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