Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sophie, Free as the Wind

by Gil Camporazo

A two-year old Sophie went along with us as we spent our family outing at the beach every year. Inday Sophie is our youngest daughter from An An's (Gynrey) three daughters.

The last time we brought Inday Sophie was last year 2014 at Las Olas Beach. She was 1 year old then at that time. She was too daring to get into the splashing sea water.

In her second exposure to the sea water was more enjoyable. I even named her as Sophie free as the wind for hyper. She explored the water by running to and fro. And we're surprised when she did something that made us amuse too much and laughed out loud. See it for yourself by clicking the attached amateur video I made from my handy phone.

Sophie - Free as the Wind

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