Monday, October 17, 2016

My Love Will Break

This is the original song composition of our youngest son, Gilbor Camporazo, Jr. before he went to Butuan Philippines Mission for 2 years.  He's 22 years old when his mission call arrived. He's the youngest child of our 6 children. He's a talented fellow. I taught him how to play the guitar, how to play the piano. He could easily learn and could play better than me.

Gilbor Jr. playing the piano
Gilbor Junior
When I was in my teenage years I used to join with the school glee club. I took the bass part of the male voice. I was a lover music. My favorite popular band during my time was The Beatles, Herman Hermits, The Cascades,

I was a self-taught musician. When I was in the elementary, I used to collect several copies of a song hits where I got the lyrics of my favorite songs of The Beatles and sang along to the music played on the radio.

At home, I have an acoustic guitar. When I got home after my job, while I was resting for several hours I took the guitar and played my favorite song while singing. My son was my audience. When we became member of The Church, he got a chance to join with the members' band. He played the lead guitar.

As what I had done before when I composed my first song, "My Singing Doll", it was dedicated to my high school sweetheart. Now his song composition, "My Love Will Break",  he did this to express his feeling for his sweetheart for he will leaving soon to do a missionary work.

The Song Video

My Love Will Break - song composition

The lyrics

"My Love Will Break"
composed and sung by Gilbor Camporazo, Jr.

Into you I know, I will always act this way
for you although miles apart from me to you
We know, we will feel the same and to you
Don't go or else my heart will break.

Loving me will give all you love to sacrifice
That's why, you've got to risk your time sometimes
You'll do, you'll do your way
It's for us not me, or else your heart will break.

We must give our best although our live will grow
We're far at least we can feel our love that's true
We know we will feel the same
If we can't survive our heart and love will break.

Then we know we will feel the same
If we can't survive our heart and love will break.


  1. Oh you have a talented son just like you Sir. Hope to see him perform one day and may God bless him on his missionary work.

  2. That is so sweet of your son to compose this song for his sweetheart. Got it from you, his dad, I guess. I have a son who likes playing the guitar and now his trying to learn piano on his own. It's good to know how to play musical instruments.

  3. I love music too and was once also part of our high school Glee Club. I have also taken some piano lessons but I never went so far as to compose a song. I think it really takes special talent.

  4. He is talented! As they say, many can sing but only few can sing and compose. He's one of the few. I love the message of the song and his voice is nice too. :)

  5. Nice! Your son should try auditioning for The Voice of the Philippines TV singing competition.

  6. Your son is really good and his song is touching. I hope I had your musical skills.


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