Tuesday, March 6, 2012

La Carlota Teachers Out To Streets Pawasak Dancing

Teachers and employees of La Carlota Division, Department of Education (DepEd) participated in the pawasak (anything goes) dance street merrymaking to usher the formal opening salvo of La Carlota Pasalamat week-long festival.

Twenty-three elementary schools and three secondary schools sent in their teachers street dancers to share their dancing prowess and enjoy to the samba beat of La Carlota Pasalamat music introduced by the late City Mayor Luis "Nonoy" Jalandoni, Jr.

La Carlota Pasalamat Festival is fast approaching. It will be held on the last week of April and will be culminated on Sunday of the said week.

It is expected by this year new and exciting activities will be shown. And more visitors, tourists and balikbayan will be coming over to witness this annual dance and music festival of La Carlota, where beautiful ladies, drum-beating irresistible sounds reverberated in the whole city of La Carlota.

Once again, let's go La Carlota!


  1. Let's Go La Carlota!

    I have read this tagline on a tourism ad before. Happy Pasalamat Festival La Carlota!

    1. me too! :D

      btw, the teachers are sooo cool, hehe. reminds me of my lola who used to be an elementary teacher. she loves to perform during her days :)

  2. Let' Go La Carlota!

    I'm beginning to love La Carlota because of your features Sir Gil. The teachers are great!:)

  3. I really hope all the teachers will be more enthusiastic this time around.

  4. I love the beat. I'm dancing on my feet right now.

  5. GO GO GO! More fun and exciting activities this year..let's hope for the best Mr. Gil!:)

  6. cool teachers! I remember my mom used to join these kind of activities in her school before. :)

  7. ang cute2x ng mga guro! i always salute them for their dedication on their jobs. hoping more for the best Sir Gil! xxx

  8. my first time to read something on this topic.. nice one

  9. Dance Street! Its More Fun in the Philippines

  10. Really fun to watch. It also reminded me of my girlfriend who is also a teacher

  11. This is wonderfully upbeat post. :)

    It's the first time I heard of this La Carlota Pasalamat Festival. I'll surely spread the word to friends here, who plans to visit the Philippines to watch out for it.

    What fun!

    - Joanna (FBW)


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