Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How Casanova Tend To Be Bad

You're beginning to know that Casanova's waterloo looms. What do you think? Mr. Arnel Casanova Casanova of BCDA is good or bad?

Arnel Casanova
Arnel Casanova
Recently Mr. Casanova is in a hot water on this squabble with the CJHDevCo. For those who are keeping abreast on what is going on with Mr. Casanova of BCDA and Robert SobrepeƱa of CJHDevCo case know how Mr. Casanova defended himself and how he refuted them in his own unique way of resolving it.

Who is Mr. Casanova?

Arnel Paciano D Casanova is connected with the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) as President and Chief Executive Officer. He was instrumental in recovering illegally-acquired government property worth $200 million from the generals of Philippine armed forces. In short, he is a champion in anti-corruption campaign by winning against  those erring PAF generals as one his areas of expertise as what his biography says.

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