Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Grade 3 Pupils Christmas Dance Presentation

by Gil Camporazo

Festival of Lights and Music is now a tradition annual celebration in the small city of La Carlota, Negros Occidental, PH. It is usually and officially opened every 15th day of December, which ushers the "Misa de Gallo", an early morning mass attended by the Catholic Filipinos in their respective towns or cities where they live. Since, this year the 15th day falls on Monday, the opening was held ahead, Dec. 12, Friday.

Dancing Panie
Dancing Panie
This month-long nightly presentation of Christmas songs and dances is separately sponsored by the different community organizations, religious and civic.

Schools in the Division of La Carlota have been assigned too to showcase their best Christmas presentation. And their date assigned to them is December 16. The three central schools like La Carlota Elem. School 1, La Carlota Elem. School II, and La Carlota North Elem. School have taken turn to present their own Christmas number representing the different grade level including the Kindergarten.

Our granddaughter, Stephanie Gyn Camporazo-Jaud, a grade three pupil, joined with her classmates at La Carlota South Elem. School 1 dancing to the mixed Christmas dancing music.

Dancing Panie

Panie as we fondly call her is her best dancing mood in the following amateur video I took using my new latest handy phone:

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