Tuesday, February 25, 2014

La Carlota 2014 Awit-Sayaw Year 11 Opening Salvo

Hataw sa Sayaw 2014
The traditional Awit-Sayaw. a song and dance yearly competition sponsored by the city of La Carlota as one of the added tourism attraction to the Pasalamat merrymaking started its opening salvo.

Song competition, bulilit and adult category, and dance (hataw sa sayaw) were gone through the Saturday night, uninterrupted by intermittent pouring of the rain. The contestants were so determined to push it through. The must go on, rain or shine, so to speak.

Follows are my amateur video taken during that night at the public plaza of La Carlota:

a. Awit, adult category

This competition paves the way to another year of revelry and thanksgiving of Mangkasanon, ancient or historical name of the people of La Carlota.

We long to have you in our culmination for this and also for the culmination of Pasalamat Music and Dance Festival which is usually held a week close to May 1, Labor Day.

b. Sayaw (dance competition)

See you in La Carlota! Bring your whole family, relatives, and friends.


  1. Oh... I miss attending these! I do remember when I was one of the dancers in one our university many years ago! :D

  2. I wonder how much time and effort it took for them to complete a dance routine. They are good even as amateurs.

  3. The contestants are good most especially the dancers. I used to join in singing and dance contests when I was in high school. Oh well those were the days.

  4. i love watching events like dancing and singing, Filipinos boasts of many talents indeed :)

  5. Competitions like these are really great ways to discover our young people's talents.

  6. Surely a dance and a song would always be present in celebration. It's what brings energy to the crowd.

  7. This is a nice way to showcase the singing and dancing talents of the participants.

  8. Very good way to enjoy the fun and competitions; dancing and singing. What a wonderful things are there for the youth of La Carlota City.

  9. Indeed a fun thanksgiving celebration. Talented people everywhere!

  10. aren't the Pinoy do love to entertain ... we are such a pool of talents ... i wonder where is mine have gone?

  11. that was a good competitive spirit that participants were willing to continue even with the rain... it must be an enjoyable event. Yahweh bless

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