Monday, December 30, 2013

La Castellana 16th Year of Bailes de Luces

BAILES DE LUCES (Dances of Lights) is a street dancing merrymaking of the people of La Castellana, Negros Occidental in the Christmas season of the year.

Bailes de Luces 2014
They believe that this occasion is a humble way of thanksgiving and hope for the best in the following year.

Christmas season is usually enhanced and made alive by lights all over the houses, the towns and cities which illuminated the trees in their plaza. Thus, festival of lights is being held by those municipalities and other municipalities.

The government of La Castellana finds it appropriate to highlight the Christmas season by this dances of light or in Spanish - "Bailes de Luces" which started in 1997.

I first chanced to personally witness the dazzling, glimmering, glistening costumes of various Barangay participants as lighted by a variety of battery-operated pieces of lights as they gyrated and danced in the main streets of La Castellana and finally ended across the street of the town's hall.

The Dancers on their best performance. See it the following video which I personally taken it using my digital handy phone video.

Next is the parade of muses on their float, dancing to the music provided especially for the occasion.

The dances of lights lasted for almost more than two hours. You could really appreciate this festival if you personally come to the place of La Castellana.

Street dancing is usually held on December 30 at around 7:00 in the evening. It is participated in by the barangay and also the elementary pupils. Prizes are at stake for this competition.

The culmination of this annual Bailes de Luces is January 5. The group of barangay dancers participating in performs at the town's grand arena at the public plaza.

For the residents of La Castellana, lights are given them the opportunity to excel in their everyday undertakings, to overcome trials in their lives and be able to succeed in the following year. Lights have led them to be grateful and thankful for all forms of the blessings that come to their lives.

When there is light, there is hope. Where there is light, everyone should be thankful of. For light is Christ and Christ is the hope of all mankind for their spiritual salvation.

January 5 is the culmination of these dances of lights with grand arena contest participated in by elementary school and barangay category respectively.

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