Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kalbaryo 2009: Drama in Real Life (Part 2)

Jesus at Piate's palace
Jesus at Pilate's palace
This is the second part of 3 of Kalbaryo portrayed by the talented youths and adults of the local Catholic church here in our place, Brgy. La Granja, La Carlota City, Philippines.

If you were there in Jesus' Crucifixion, how do you feel?

Catholic devotees have their own way of celebrating Christ's passion. They dramatize it from Jesus's capture, verdict to death, and crucifixion.

In our locality as mentioned, I personally witnessed how this was done by a talented youths and adults. It was very touchy, not to the point of entertainment. It was well enhanced by a good sound effects.

The actors were dressed to depict the real-like situation. Their dialogue in local dialect, Ilonggo was pre-recorded.

If you could witness it personally, you could really appreciate not counting the actors' good acting, but the essence of how Jesus suffered to redeem the world of their sins. They portrayed Christ's accusation, last supper, prayer at the garden of Gethsemane, among others,

By using my digital camera, I took the entire scene from the Jesus' capture, to Pilate's judgment, to the hill of Calvary for Jesus' crucifixion. I edited it and divided into three parts with a minimum playing time of 10 minutes. This "Kalbaryo" was taken in 2009.

Here's the 2nd part of 3 of this video:

Part 3 (last part) --->

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