Saturday, February 16, 2013

School Pupils Trained in Kali-Arnis Defense

Demonstration on defense
Kali-Arnis or popularly known as Eskrima is a Filipino native type of weaponry effective for combat defense against aggressor.

The Department of Education has recently declared this as the national sports, replacing Sipa..

When I was the school principal of Nagasi Elementary School, Division of La Carlota I introduced this stick-defense to our grade four, five and six pupils under the instruction or training of Kali Master Jun de los Reyes.

Baston or 29-inch-rattan stick is used for training. This training usually takes 2 to 3 months and it is free of charge since the school principal is also a graduate of this training and he could be one of those masters.

The pupil-trainees are under a covenant when they join and complete the basic required training. One of the provisions of their covenant is to safeguard and use properly the technique that they have learned for self-defense. If they use it in some unauthorized manner, they will be expelled from the official roster of the graduates and be blacklisted forever in related martial arts training.

The following video shows how Kali Master de los Reyes demonstrates the Kali basic strikes and defense with the assistance of Master to the pupils of Nagasi Elementary School during the launching of this Kali-Arnis Training:

Master Jun de los Reyes and Master Isugan demonstrating basic defense


  1. I also studied arnis as part of my Physical Education class in Hgh School and it's good to teach pupils the concept of self defence and ket strike points.

  2. I didn't know that "sipa" is no longer our national sports. I actually haven't tried arnis. Thank God it was not part of my P.E. before. I wish I'll have the guts to try it someday most especially now that it's our national sports.

  3. Wish I had a chance to learn arnis when I was still in highschool or college!


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