Wednesday, April 8, 2015

BCDA-CJHDevCo Economic Squabble Anew

Do Casanova's whims and caprices lead him to his waterloo? Who knows?

By the way, who is Arnel Paciano Casanova? For everyboddy to know, Arnel Paciano D Casanova is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA). He is a champion in anti-corruption by winning against Philippine armed forces generals to recover illegally-acquired government property worth $200 million according to his areas of expertise written in his biography.

Casanova's Involvement in the CJHDevCo's Mess

Let's consider what is his involvement as alleged by his accusers. He has played major part in the management squabble with CJHDevCo over the mess of nonpayment of rentals by CJHDevCo which has been decided by the arbitration tribunal in favor of his detractor, CJHDevCo. And he is advice to abide with the decision.

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